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About us

ONYXO TRADE is a Berlin based company founded by Özlem Işık that aims to operate internationally and meet market needs.
Our goal is to provide our customers with a high standard of service through 15 years of knowledge and experience in international trade.
ONYXO TRADE specializes in the sectors food, textile, manufacturing, construction and cosmetics.
We are increasing our international market share with growing capital and know-how.
For our international customers we source low-price goods and deliver them from every country of the world in a timely and cost-effective manner.
Our range of services encompasses all stages from pro forma invoices to final delivery of the goods.

Customer Satisfaction 100%
On-Time Delivery 100%
Quality Products 100%

Mission & Vision

It is the priority of ONYXO TRADE to deliver high quality products fast and on good terms in
accordance with customer demands.
ONYXO TRADE aims to become a worldwide brand by successfully executing all the projects it has
undertaken domestically and abroad and supplying the customer.

Our Services

  • Analyze prices and researching markets worldwide for desired goods
  • Procure and delivering high quality goods and products at the best price
  • Prepare comparing price proposals for requested goods or services
  • Prepare, negotiate and finalize sale contracts
  • Execute and control international shipping and customs services
  • Prepare and control all official documents for import and export
  • Correspondence with authorities to receive necessary permits
  • Manage communication between the producer and the recipient
  • Advising on import and export regulations by country


  • ONYXO TRADE has been established to provide all kinds of services and support in accordance with the demands and wishes of the customers. Our professional and experienced team has been serving to the food, textile, manufacturing, construction, cosmetics and health sectors for many years.
  • ONYXO TRADE works with a team of experts in their industry to help you develop new opportunities and markets for their customers and aims. We help our clients to gain a competitive advantage in the international market.
  • ONYXO TRADE operates in Europe, Turkey and with an experienced team also in the Middle East. We offer excellent service to companies looking for new markets.

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