03 - LUXTea


LUX is a registered trademark of ONYXO GmbH. LUX currently operates two products in the food segment. LUX tea and LUX olive oil. Through numerous certificates, analyzes and customer recessions, we have established ourselves on the market with many years of experience and quality.

At an ideal height of up to 14 meters, our tea plantations spread over 900,000 hectares are blessed with the perfect microclimatic conditions and a rich soil composition of Sri Lanka that gives the tea its unique qualities. Harvested at selected times and carefully selected, the tea in each estate has its own distinctive taste and aroma.

Nestled in the enchanting Golden Valley of Ceylon, our estates are known for producing the best carbon-neutral teas that are a trusted choice worldwide.

We work with manufacturers who already have more than 150 years of experience in the field. Constant quality, nature conservation and customer satisfaction are among our duties. First-class ingredients without chemical additives, directly from nature for nature.

Our tea, which has been awarded many prizes worldwide, is proud to serve you with the unique taste.

LUX certifications