At an ideal height of up to 14 meters, our tea plantations are blessed with the perfect microclimatic conditions and a rich soil composition of Sri Lanka that gives the tea its unique qualities. Harvested at selected times and carefully selected, the tea in each estate has its own distinctive taste and aroma. Its authentic character is derived from the environment and the climatic conditions and goes back to the harvest and processing of the delicate leaves. In each phase, the tea leaves undergo their unique characteristics, which are characterized by their origin and give it body, character, taste and aroma.

Discover the secrets behind creating our finest Sri Lankan teas, with their own distinctive and sensual flavors


Since June 2018, we have been awarded the Substainable Food Award and are thus among the first pioneers in Europe who are aiming for a climate-neutral production of tea. This carbon-neutral certification was awarded on the basis of compliance with international carbon footprint standards through the verification of direct, indirect and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions according to stringent ISO protocols.

Nestled in the enchanting Golden Valley of Ceylon, our estates are known for producing the best carbon neutral all-round teas that are a trusted choice worldwide.

Finest range

Tea, Cay, Tee

Special range

Silver Ceylon
Norwood Emerald
Norwood Oolong
Golden Ceylon