Onyxo service
B2B & B2C
ONYXO GmbH is a strong partner for business customers. We offer both B2B sales and B2C. Through our sales channels, we bring our products to our customers with little effort. Through our many years of experience in this segment, we are able to break new ground in business sales. This allows us to save unnecessary costs and to develop the right basis for your personal wishes.
Medical & Healthcare Products

ONYXO provides you the best quality protective medical clothing against COVID-19, including coveralls, protective gowns, face masks, bonnets, overshoes, etc… With the best possible price in the market & the shortest delivery time.

Financial Advisor & Investments
​Professional investors will find all information about our investment solutions and current market assessments of our investment and economic experts. Not only as an investor but also as a private investor, you will find a variety of information about our fund and investment solutions and receive an up-to-date market assessment from our investment experts.
Professional consulting

Our professional advice is suitable for dealing with resource-related and goal-oriented specific occupational and work-related concerns and promoting the development of new perspectives and competencies.

International trading

International trade analyzes the short- and long-term developments in the global economy and derives concrete options for action for companies and economic policy. We help and carry out complicated and challenging trading opportunities for our clients.

Excellent timing

To align ourselves with the focus we have identified as the best is a dynamic process. What should we focus on to reach the optimum of the future?

Excellent timing is a key success factor.

Perfect market analysis

Specifically, a professional market analysis serves to uncover the levers that need to be adjusted for strategic goal-setting in the company. Through important fundamentals such as data and information about the market, which in turn are collected in the market analysis by us.

15 years of experience

Our goal is to offer our customers a high standard of service through 15 years of knowledge and experience in international trade.